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At the core of every great company is a set of clear and consistent values. At handdii our values underscore every decision we take, guide us in our behaviors and reflect our commitment to our customers, partners, providers, communities and each other.

Our values provide us with a set of guiding principles to help us make the right decision every time. Our Community Code of Conduct is a natural extension of this and outlines our behavioral expectations of all stakeholders engaged within the handdii community.

Be positive, respectful and polite. It is expected that at all times people will be courteous, well-mannered and solution orientated. A positive attitude and approach will likely ensure a positive outcome for all.


Be well prepared to be awesome. It is expected that for a Contractor your vehicle and your personal presentation and hygiene is clean and you turn up prepared with the materials that you know you need. Customers should be ready to assist the Contractor by agreeing to reasonable requests that help the Contractor meet their legislative obligations.


Uphold your commitments. Relationships are built on strong communication. This means always keeping the customer well informed and ensuring that the what, when and why are explained. Establishing trust and rapport is key to a successful outcome.


Have pride in your work. Ensure the quality of your work is to a high standard that you’re proud of. Be uncompromising, people want to be amazed


Drive the momentum. Be efficient and effective to achieve a successful outcome for all.

When we disagree, we constructively look for a solution. Disagreements happen all the time but how we resolve these is what matters. Be constructive and respectful of differing views.

Harassment and other exclusionary behavior aren’t acceptable. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Violent threats or language directed against another person

  • Discriminatory jokes and language

  • Personal insults

  • Racial or sexist language

  • Unwelcome sexual attention

  • Advocating for or encouraging any of the above behavior

  • Repeated harassment of others


Anti-corruption. All parties agree they shall not commit or permit any action that could be in violation of anti-corruption laws or regulations. This includes but is not limited to illicit payments to government officials or clients.

We will not give or receive any undue gift or benefit, monetary or other connected with work activities. All parties must promptly notify management of any related activity.

Handdii and all related parties and vendors will promote respect for human rights through all actions and uphold fair working conditions within operations and supply chains.

Handdii and all related parties and vendors will advocate and implement environmental sustainability practices within operations and supply chains

The Code has the full support of the Board and the Executive Team and we take compliance with the Code very seriously. If you breach the code then you may face disciplinary action, including termination of your relationship with handdii. At the heart of each of our values is the imperative to do the right thing by one another and uphold the reputation of handdii and our community.

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