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Modern Slavery Statement

This Modern Slavery Statement is made pursuant to the Modern Slavery Act 2018 (Cth) by Handdii Group Pty Ltd ABN 89 626 314 467 (Handdii) for the preceding financial year.


About Us

Handdii operates a technology platform connecting insurance companies and policy holders to a network of pre-vetted local contractors across Australia.


Our stance against modern slavery

We are committed to conducting business responsibly and ethically and to ensuring that all aspects of our business practices, including our supply chains, are free from any form of slavery. We reject any and all forms of modern slavery which can take the form of unpaid or underpaid servitude, human trafficking and forced labour. We are committed to implementing effective systems and controls to ensure that it does not take place within our own business or through any of our supply chains.


Our risk assessment & due diligence

We assess the risk of modern slavery taking place in our business by identifying and managing any areas of concern within our business operations and any external suppliers. As a technology platform operating in Australia, there is low risk of modern slavery occurring within our direct business operations. However, we recognise we could be indirectly exposed to the risk of modern slavery and human trafficking through our supply chains.


Due to the nature of our business, we do not make use of high risk supply chains, which are susceptible to modern slavery risks. We have taken the following actions to manage that risk:

  • Partnering with suppliers who share our stance on modern slavery and.

  • Conducting due diligence on third party service providers;


We are committed to undertaking our due diligence processes when contracting with external suppliers and to identifying and assessing any indications of suppliers being of high risk. We will not work with high-risk suppliers unless we have conducted the appropriate assessment that our standards will not be compromised.


Our commitment to training

We are committed to training our employees and ensuring they have a healthy understanding and respect for how their choices can have far-reaching impacts upon basic human rights across the globe.

We will continue to identify and evaluate risks relating to human rights and develop our policies, procedures, and training to help combat modern slavery.


Christie Downs

CEO & Co-Founder
Handdii Group Pty Ltd

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