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Smart tech that connects the insurance industry directly with contractors


We can all identify with the frustrations of making a property insurance claim. This is because the traditional fulfillment process is both complicated and cumbersome. When the damage to your home or business is relatively small, this lengthy and inconvenient process makes no sense.


A three-sided marketplace connecting customers directly with contractors for insurance companies.

Our smart tech determines the right contractor to undertake repairs at a time that is convenient for your customer

During repairs, all parties communicate via the handdii storyboard. This is where everyone can see the progress of repairs

Once the repairs are complete, customers rate the contractor. A positive rating generates fast payment and recognition of good work

When your handdii contractor arrives they will inspect your property and once the claim is confirmed they can start repairs right away.

Everybody's smiling



handdii is an easy digital experience that enables customers to register their claim and get the right local contractor to repair their property quickly. It's fast and convenient.


handdii takes all the hassle out of being a contractor, such as bidding, invoicing, chasing payments and more. We have wiped the admin so our contractors can focus on doing what they love - delivering an awesome job.



handdii lets the broker be the guardian while guiding a quick and easy claim experience for the customer. Transparent and proactive communication keeps everyone informed!

Brokers & Agents


handdii is savvy tech that can save insurance companies significant claims costs, while producing happy customers at the same time. It really is a no- brainer.



At handdii we are on a mission to put the control back into the hands of the customer and help contractors excel at the work they do.

Our product is unique and focuses on a specific problem area in claim fulfillment and property repair.

We don't want to be all things to all people but we do want contractors to be able to show up, fix the problem, be awesome and free customers up to focus on their lives

Our investors

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